Rituals and Ceremonies


Seeking to contribute to people’s well-being, Kan Spa has created a menu of experiences that will provide your senses with a journey of sensations and emotions that will help restore the balance of your mind, body, and spirit.

Releasing, relaxing, and transforming—you will find in this space a place that will elevate your energy frequency to another level.

All the selected elements have been linked to the sensory world in which we human beings live every day, to ensure that each of the details, aromas,m colors, and sensations enters your existence and provides a regenerative well-being space of energy andm complements your visit at Kan Spa, transforming your experience.

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120 MIN

Enjoy together with your special person a ritual to balance your energy by releasing the anchors. It begins with an exfoliation and body wrap, leaving your skin soft and ready to receive a relaxing massage with the essence of letting go and liberation. Finish this ceremony with a detoxifying bath in a private Jacuzzi with aromatic salts that will help loosen energetic knots. Body scrub & treatment 40 min Essential massage 50 min Aromatic Bath 30 min


100 MIN

Indulge yourself in a soothing tub bath that will disconnect your senses, transforming your emotions, while your skin prepares to receive the benefits of an antioxidant exfoliation. In the soft glow of the candlelight and the sensation of its warmth, receive a gentle massage, absorbing all the intention of the candle, melting away the contained stress. You can take the candle with you to use it in a couple’s ritual in your private suite after the spa experience, continuing to transform emotions together.


80 MIN

This treatment begins with the stimulation of energy points in the body that unblock and release energy charges. Reverse time on your face with the benefits of organic blue agave and tepezcohuite, while your mind focuses on the here and now, releasing accumulated toxins with a facial massage that will balance the vital cycles—a ritual of celebration for the present time, releasing and letting go of energetic tensions. Enjoy a stretching and leg massage with a fouta that activates blood circulation.




80 MIN

Begin this experience with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a natural agave face mask. The use of natural and organic ingredients with antioxidant and regenerative benefits of the blue agave will give your skin a radiant luminosity. Finally, indulge in a sensory massage for your face.



80 MIN

Eliminate deep impurities from your face, giving you a fresh and revitalized appearance with cellular detoxification through nourishing enzymes for your skin. Enjoy an antioxidant green tea mask accompanied by a cranial massage that releases the tension in your facial muscles.


50 MIN

This facial treatment is ideal for sensitive skin; it will provide protection, hydration, and restore brightness. We use products based on botanical and organic ingredients that will help calm and reduce inflammation of the skin.


100 MIN

Focused on balancing energy points in the body to unblock them, resulting in a better flow of energy that helps relax, detoxify, and improve the quality of sleep and mood, leaving your body hydrated and renewed. Begin in a state of total relaxation through aromatherapy, followed by a body exfoliation to remove dead cells and moisturize your skin with a soft body wrap, while also enjoying a facial that will illuminate and hydrate your face.



80 MIN

A full-body scrub will be the starting point of a new sensation of freedom. Your body will be purified with the assistance of a natural seaweed body mask, and the final touch will be a drainage massage with almonds and rosemary cream.


50 MIN

Refresh and hydrate your skin after sun exposure. The regenerating benefits are applied to your skin in a refreshing body mask that will soothe the redness and provide a lasting relief sensation, followed by a hydrating balm soft massage.


80 MIN

Restores energy and harmonizes your body through an aromatherapy ritual that helps you focus on the present and on what your soul requires. Several techniques are combined to synchronize your mind, spirit, and body, bringing peace and balance, and allowing you to focus on the here and now.


80 MIN

Select the intention of your massage through the natural essences that will help transform energy to restore your balance by freeing yourself from burdens. The hot stones provide the body with a warm sensation that balances your emotions, as the stones absorb and transform the energy.


50 MIN | 80 MIN

Activate and invigorate blood circulation, while recovering the elasticity and mobility of your muscles through invigorating stretches and manipulations that will fill your body with active energy, raising your energy frequency.



50 MIN | 80 MIN

The localized and deep pressure liberates muscle contractures, while the stretching and invigorating movements will release accumulated tension, revitalizing your body.


50 MIN | 80 MIN

This massage will induce you to a state of disconnection that will clear your mind, helping to untie energetic knots. With long movements, light pressure, and vibrations, it works on your nervous system. A ritual of cranial points is added, achieving a feeling of releasing tensions in the body.


50 MIN

This massage is designed to help you transform fatigue into energy, releasing body pressure from strategic points while taking care of your well-being and that of your baby. It provides a space for disconnection and recovery.


 60 min

Enjoy a liberating ceremony through the water. You will be guided to naturally induce your body to experience contrast therapy that will help restore your immune system while providing you with the mental, physical, and emotional state necessary to release emotions and rebalance your energy for a better recovery during your treatment.